December 2013 -  

This years winter music performance featured a fun variety of entertainment with numbers from all grades.  It was complemented

by our ever so tasty

annual bake sale/fund

raiser. Thank you to all

the hard working stu-

dents who made this a

great show and a

scrumptious sale!  

October 2013 -

Students kicked up their heels in a culmination performance to  a fun, 5 week, after school Irish Dance Class - offered to all students

ready to expand their horizons

and tap their Toes!  Thank you

to all who participated - you

did a fantastic job!  And a

special thanks to Kate Ross,

the instructor, and her professional dancers who honored us with an amazing performance as well.  

January 2014-

Eight Essays and an interview later earned student

John Landeros a College

Scholarship through The Boys

and Girls Club of America! The

scholarship was awarded for

Academic Excellence and

Personal Achievement.  We

salute you John for your hard

work and a job well done!

January 2014 -

A BIG congratulations to Zane Mitchell for winning a

local shooting competition

through the Colorado Youth

Trapshooters Association!  

He has now been invited to

compete at a national level

at the Cornhuskers National

Youth Shot in May 2014.

Go get em Zane!

December 2013 -

Working to make a difference, students participated

in a Yuda Band Fund Raiser Project helping Brighton Options to make 2 full year

and 1 half-year education

Scholarships for students

in Guatemala, Honduras,

And Kenya.  Great work

and  congratulations to all

those who participated in

this very honorable and worthy project.

March 2013 -

Wow! A 1st Place Finish at the Destination Imagination Regional Competition!  With lots of creativity and hard

work, our D. I. Team, the

“Redneck Cheerleading

Zombie Raptors,” earned

first place medals and a

Trophy in their ”Technical”

Challenge! They will now

move forward to the D.I.

State Competition. Congratulations on a job well done!

February 2013 -

Brighton Option’s Talent show once again showcased

a creative and wide variety

of talent - both in those that

performed as well as those

who brought in and shared

examples of their talent.

Thank you to all the

Students who participated

and shared with us their wonderful talents!

February 2013 -

Amazing performances!  This years drama classes entertained us with 2 outstanding and brilliant shows that left one wondering,

. . . How can students

who only meet once a

week deliver such

amazing performances?

. . . Lots of hard work

and dedication!  If you

missed it, the audience

was treated to Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Jr and

the Young Performers’ Edition of The Wizard of Oz.

Fantastic job and thank you to everyone involved for helping to make these two plays such magical performances!

Spring 2012 -  

Wow!  What a performance!  Congratulations to the World Drum Class

for such a fantastic

Performance!  And

many thanks for their

encore performance

at our Graduation

Ceremonies! You can

visit their amazing performance here.

(who knew you could do that with tires and tape!???)

Spring 2012 -

Congratulations!  What  an achievement  for our

Destination Imagination

team “The Transformers”

- reportedly the youngest

team competing! They

received the coveted

Renaissance Award (for

outstanding design, engineering/performance), along with a 2nd place finish at the Regional Competition

and 4th place finish at State Competition - (with 22 teams competing!)  Visit some of their journey here.

March 2014 -

Way to go Destination Imagination Teams!  This year we had four teams competing at the Regional level Competitions and three of

them qualified to move

on to State!

   Congratulations to:

  “The Breathing People

  For their 1st Place Finish

in the Structure Challenge.




and to:

the “Xtreme Marines

For a 2nd Place Finish

in the Science Challenge

(Elementary level)      

            and to:

  the “Tiger Divers That

Eat Chocolate Glitter

   For a 3rd Place Finish

in the Science Challenge

      (Middle level)

                (not pictured - team member Evie Unruh)

April 2014 -

A huge congratulations goes

out to Sydney Hammond for

her induction into the National

Honor Society!  Not only does

acceptance to the NHS require

a high grade point average,

but students must also prove

high standards of Leadership,

Service, and Character.  Find

out more about applying to

The National Honor Society here.  Way to go Sydney!

March 2015 -

Wow!  A big, BIG congratulations to our Destination Imagination Teams!

We had four teams

competing at this years

Regional Competition.

Three teams came in

1st Place and the fourth

team placed 2nd! All four

teams will now be moving on to the State Competition.

Way to go teams!  

March 2015 -

Super fantastic job guys!

Hard work and great study

skills really helped pave the

way for the great achieve-

ments of brothers Isaiah

Bustamante (3rd grade) and

Paul Joshua Bustamante

(6th grade) as they competed

for their 1st time ever in CASC (Colorado Association

of Christian Schools) annual state wide academic competition. Congratulations to

Isaiah for 1st Place in the Spelling

Bee (3-5th grade level) and

2nd Place in both Music Theory and

Math (4th-5th grade level)!

Congratulations to Paul Joshua for 2nd Place finish in the Spelling Bee and 3rd Place finish in Math (both 6-8th grade level).
We’re all very proud of you both!

January 2016 -  

A BIG congratulations goes out to 10th grader

Jeremy Kearns for making the Presidents Honor Roll at Aims Community College!  Jeremy,

a Tuesday student, is participating in

Concurrent Enrollment and when he

is not busy mastering his studies, he

is hoping to engage in a few of his

favorite pastimes which include

reading and hunting! During the

Summer months Jeremy volunteers

as staff at the Homestead Bible Camp in Roggen, CO. Way to go Jeremy!  Find out more about CE here.

We celebrate the achievements of all our straight A students but it was especially treasured by the Dryburgh family when daughter Adriana, who is in the 8th grade (Mondays), and new to Options this year, got straight A’s on her 1st report card.  According to Mom (April Dryburgh), Adriana “loves it (BO) and is doing great,” AND is “much happier with Brighton Options than she was at her school from last year!” Congratulations Adriana on a job well done! .  . . And, we are so happy that you are enjoying it here!

their horizons and tap their

Toes!  Thank you to all

who participated - you did

a fantastic job!  And a

special thanks to Kate Ross, the instructor, and her professional dancers who honored us with an amazing performance as well.  

January 2016-

Two giant Teddy Bears were awarded to

Monday 5th grader Alana Wills (right)

and Tuesday 6th grader Alena Stevens

(below).  The contest, which ran through

                       last semester, allowed

                       teachers to place the

                       names of students who were helpful,                        showed positive behavior, had good                        grades, etc., in a jar.  The student with                        the most nominations at the end of the

                       semester would win!  Congratulation to

the both of you for being such exemplary students!

March 2017 -  

Wow!  An amazing achievement for both our Destination Imagination teams!  In addition to placing, and qualifying to move on to the State Competition, BOTH teams received the coveted Renaissance Award - which is given for outstanding design, engineering, and performance!

Our 7-8th Grade team,

(Madhatter’s Minions),

took on the Science

Challenge achieving a

1st Place finish.


Our 4-6th grade team, (The Giggling Emojis),

chose the Fine Arts Challenge and placed 3rd.  Both teams will be moving on to the state competition in


     Fantastic job teams and a BIG Congratulations!