There are endless choices of curriculum and teaching formats that exist.  A style or format that works well with one student may not work well with another student.


The beauty of the Options program is that it offers a wide variety

of popular curriculum to choose from (which includes Teachers Editions, Handbooks, Textbooks, etc.)  The curriculum is checked out on an annual basis, free of charge, except for the cost of any consumable portion such as workbooks.  *However, Kindergarten and First Grade Students are eligible for two free consumables!

If you are unsure of which curriculum you would like to use, you

may schedule an appointment at the Aurora Office (curriculum headquarters) to browse all the offerings and make your selection for the coming school year.

Please note:  

     You are not required to use the curriculum offered through      Options unless your student signs up for a particular class

     which happens to use a specific text or curriculum.

     Also, you are not required to purchase your consumables

     through Options.


For more Information on:

Please visit the Options Book Department at:


If you are finished with a particular Curriculum or Text Book during the course of the school year, and need to return it or exchange it, you may bring it to the site on class days - (Monday or Tuesday).


End of year Returns/Check In will be done on a designated day/days, and all those returns will be handled at the main office in Aurora.