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Frequently Asked Questions    

What activities, classes, or opportunities does Brighton Options offer?

Lots of fun and exciting things! . . . which may include: Science Fair, Talent Show, theme days, Student Council, Drama, Music Performances, School Dances, School Skate, Ameritowne, Destination Imagination, holiday festivities, pizza day, school newspaper, Yearbook, required testing, Concurrent Enrollment, ASCENT, Graduation and Awards Ceremony, College Counseling, record keeping (transcripts- APS classes only) and more!  - - - Our elected student council plans many of the special activities so what is offered may change from year to year.  Our classes themselves offer both elective and academic choices.  Please click here to view classes offered. (note: class offerings may change from year to year based on feedback or interest, scheduling, etc.)

What does Homeschooling involve or How does Homeschooling work?

Homeschool laws vary from state to state.  In Colorado, it essentially requires 172 days of instruction a year, averaging

 4 hours or more a day.  Required subjects include, but are not limited to, reading, writing, speaking, math, history,

civics, literature, science, and Constitution of the United States.  Adequate records must be kept and there is

required testing or evaluation starting in 3rd grade, and then each odd year thereafter.  For more specific information regarding Colorado Homeschool Law, visit here

What about Homeschooling through High School?

There is a lot of support and advice to be found at Options - for all grades - including through the high school years!

Aside from the opportunity to interact with fellow parents, or attend informative parents meetings, Options has a

college counselor and offers both the Concurrent Enrollment (CE) and the ASCENT programs.  These programs allow,

and pay for, eligible students to attend qualifying classes at local, participating, community colleges.  The beauty of

these programs is that these classes qualify for both high school and college credits.  If utilized fully, it has enabled

some students to graduate from High School with an Associates Degree already under their belt!

Can you attend if you do not live within the district?

YES, you may enroll!  There are no geographic boundaries for this school so it does not matter which school district you

live in.

Who teaches the classes?  

Our wonderful teachers are all licensed and certified in the State of Colorado as well as passionate, creative, and adept

in the areas they teach.

What is the quality of a Homeschooled education ?

           Check out this interesting chart titled “Homeschool Domination”  here - that compares the achievements of

          Homeschooled students versus Public School students.  Impressive!!!


Can you be enrolled in both COVA and Options?

No.  Both COVA (Colorado Virtual Academy - or other programs like them) and Options, are tuition free.  This is

because they receive a portion of the PPOR (Per Pupil Operating Revenue) which is distributed at the state level, for

each enrolled student.  Therefore you would need to choose one or the other.

When can I register my child and how do I do it?

Registration opens in March of each school year.  Please contact the coordinator, Amber Stevens, to inquire about open spaces and information on open enrollment. If the school is full, you can be added to a waitlist to be contacted once there is an opening.  Go to Waitlist

I missed the start of the year, can I enroll my child at any time?

Yes, but only if there is an open space in that grade and in the classes offered.

Do I need to file a Letter of Intent to Homeschool?

           Yes, you will submit the letter to the district in which you reside.  Click here for an editable sample letter.

What supplies do I need?

A supply list is issued before the school year begins in August.  Each class will require something a little different, but

the basics definitely include:  notebook, paper, pens and pencils, a small pencil sharpener, and perhaps a backpack.  

You’ll also need a large plastic bin for your family to keep their supplies, lunches, jackets, etc. in during the school day.

This bin is brought to school every morning and taken home at the end of the day. Make sure it is easily identified and

you may have fun decorating it!

My child has an IEP (Independent Education Program), can I enroll him/her?

Options school has a counselor qualified to assess the special needs of IEP students. Please be in touch with Michelle Cole at to discuss if our school is the right fit for your child.

What are the fees or cost?

There is a $25 activity fee.  A few classes will have a small fee to help offset the high cost of supplies or may require

that you provide certain supplies that will be used in the class. Optional fees include pizza ($1/slice) for our once a month pizza day, an Options t-shirt ($8.50-$22.00), an annual yearbook ($15.00-$20.00). Testing is offered through Options, usually for a $5 fee.  (See Volunteer Requirements below for a possible additional fee)  If you choose to use any of the Curriculum offered through Options, if there is a consumable workbook needed, then that would be an additional cost.

Is there a volunteer requirement?

Yes, please!  MANY of our activities can only be offered with the help and support of our families and some would not exist without those wonderful volunteers.  Plus, there is always extra support needed at school!   We ask that each family PLEASE participate with 16 hours for the year. There is a sign-up sheet at the beginning of the year for reoccurring needs (lunch help, etc.), and then a call for volunteers is emailed often throughout the year for various activities or special events.  If you are unable to give of your time, you may opt to pay $100.00 which will go to a fund for those parents who are helping to cover your volunteer hours.

Where do I order the books for class?

Books for individual classes (if required) are provided in class the first day of school.  However, you have access to a

vast library of curriculum to use at home for the other four days of the week.  Items are checked out and returned at           the end of the year.  The only cost would be any consumable workbook, if required. Visit           to review curriculum choices or you may schedule an appointment at the Aurora Office (curriculum headquarters) to           browse through the various choices in person!  You may also choose to use your own curriculum unless it is required for

a specific class.