According to Colorado Home School Law, records must include, but are not limited to; attendance data, test or evaluation results, and immunization records.  Though the law does not specify how you should accomplish this task, research indicates that a common mistake many homeschooling parents can make is inadequate record keeping.  Eek!

       Fortunately, being enrolled in Options creates a depository for Immunizations records/waivers as well as test results/grades. (Though you should keep your own records as well!)

       As for tracking attendance and the hours of instruction (172 days of school averaging 4 contact hours a day), there are methods ranging from note taking, to packages/planners, and even software programs to help achieve the task.  If  there is a system that you have found that has worked well, please share with our other families!  

Note:  If you have a High Schooler, keep in mind that you may need to keep track of hours and subjects in a more detailed fashion to prepare your student’s transcript for college.

Record Keeping and Time Tracking  

One Simple Solution:

With a simple notebook

and an Excel spreadsheet,

you are in business!

At the bottom of the page are two

Excel Spreadsheets that may be

customized with your student’s name

and their particular studies, colors, or details.  You may use this as a computer form (checking the boxes), or just print and check off with your own x’s.  Each sheet covers a two week period and could be printed with or without dates.

When used on the computer, an X marked in the box will tally 15 minute intervals, plus give you a 6 hour credit for each week at Options.  It will tally every 4 hours as a day.

If printed and manually checked off, (and your goal was 20 hours a week), you would need 56 boxes checked during a school week at Options.  You can even highlight boxes for weekly or daily goals and use this as a visual tool to monitor progress.  You can count the number of pages in a workbook to calculate where you need to be during the course of the year and set goals accordingly.

The Note section can be used to list activities, special events, or to make a notation on progress or curriculum.  

Sample below -


Below is a

Excel Spreadsheet with math Calculations

Excel Spreadsheet without math Calculations

Notes:  This particular sheet was designed for a 1st grader

(who likes to check off his own accomplishments) and the

“pgs/15 min” were continually determined/negotiated by

how easy or difficult a page might be.  

Yes, you need Microsoft Excel to open it.  

When saving, you may see the “minor loss of fidelity” message but continue to save, the file should be fine.

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